Citations of Selected Papers

When reading a paper, it is always very interesting to get an idea what later advancements have been made on the same subject. A simple way to find this out is by looking for subsequently published papers citing the paper in question.

To make this more easy, I list here some citations of my scientific papers that I am aware of.

Recognition of Byzantine Chant Notation (IJDAR, 2008)

The paper C. Dalitz, G.K. Michalakis, C. Pranzas: Optical Recognition of Psaltic Byzantine Chant Notation. (International Journal of Document Analysis and Recognition 11, pp. 143-158, 2008) has been cited by:

Comparative Study on Staff Removal Algorithms (TPAMI, 2008)

The paper C. Dalitz, M. Droettboom, B. Pranzas, I. Fujinaga: A Comparative Study of Staff Removal Algorithms. (IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 30, pp. 753-766, 2008) has been cited by:

Lute Tablature Recognition (ISMIR, 2005)

The paper C. Dalitz und T. Karsten: Using the Gamera Framework for Building a Lute Tablature Recognition System. (International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, pp. 478-481, 2005) has been cited by: